Twitter install: Lifting aquarium into 6th floor window.

Cambridge flying fishtank!

Aquarium Dimensions: 152″ long x 20.5″ wide x 36″ high
Gallons: 550

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Cambridge flying fishtank!!!

It’s installation day, and the aquarium which is to be installed on the sixth floor of Twitter’s Corporate Headquarters in Cambridge, MA is too large to fit into the freight elevator of the building. Big problem right? Not a problem if you are partnered with Living Color Aquariums, who not only fabricated this gorgeous aquarium and synthetic reef system, but also coordinated the logistics to fly this aquarium up to it’s lofty new home on the 6th floor via crane.

This aquarium functions as a colorful living room divider and is viewable from both the front and back in the common meeting area of Twitter, providing employees with an interesting and relaxing way to spend their break or dining time.