Totally Custom Acrylic Bedroom Tank in Needham

Build it Bigger!!! Custom Bedroom Aquarium

Aquarium Dimensions: 96″ long x 23″ wide x 39″ high
Gallons: 250

A residential client had an existing aquarium in their master bedroom, and when they decided to replace it they wanted something BIGGER and with a custom shape to fit into a wall space so it could be viewed from the living room two stories below. Titan Aquatic Exhibits LLC fabricated this beautiful aquarium to the exact specifications we needed. Building bigger brought along an unexpected set of challenges when it came to installation day, since the new aquarium wasn’t going to make it up two flights of narrow switchback stairs. Thankfully it would fit through a nearby window, now the challenge was to get it up to that third floor window from the driveway below. Our partners at Titan provided the boom truck to do the heavy lifting.