Inn at Bay Pointe Aquarium Final photos of tank with fish.

Oceanside Dinner, Without the Sand

Aquarium Dimensions: 120″ long x 36″ wide x 48″ high
Gallons: 1,000

Diners at the Inn at Bay Pointe Restaurant in Quincy, MA can enjoy more than the beautiful waterfront views with the addition of this beautiful 1,000 gallon custom bullnosed acrylic aquarium, which was designed and fabricated by Titan Aquatics, in the main dining room. There are two other aquariums in the dining room and the new aquarium visually extends the underwater theme across the rest of the dining room. The aquarium is wrapped in custom woodwork so it blends into the rest of the dining room.

This large aquarium, which weighs in around 8,000 pounds, required some structural engineering of the subfloor prior to installation in order to support the additional weight of the tank. The photos taken during the week long installation show the many different steps involved in making one of these aquariums look like they’ve always been there.