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FAQ’s about aquariums

What are the pros and cons of an acrylic aquarium?

  • PRO – Acrylic is stronger and safer than glass and is impact resistant
  • PRO – Acrylic is highly versatile, allowing the aquarium to be just about any shape or size.
  • PRO – Acrylic weighs about half as much as glass.
  • PRO – Acrylic has a higher optical quality than typical glass – colors will look brighter.
  • CON – Acrylic is significantly more expensive than glass.
  • CON – Acrylic scratches easily, but it can be refinished in the event the surface is scratched.
  • CON – Acrylic has greater visual distortion than glass when viewing interior of aquarium.

What are the pros and cons of a glass aquarium?

  • PRO – Glass is significantly less expensive than acrylic.
  • PRO – Glass has less visual distortion than acrylic when viewing interior of aquarium.
  • PRO – Glass is scratch resistant, but it cannot be refinished like acrylic if it is scratched.
  • CON – Glass tanks are limited in available shapes and sizes due to rigid glass panels.
  • CON – Glass weighs about twice as much as acrylic.

What factors into where I locate my aquarium?

  • Structural loading where aquarium is placed.
  • Accessibility of electrical outlets.
  • Convenient access to a water source and place to dispose of waste water.
  • Amount of exposure to sunlight – uncontrolled lighting can cause unsightly algae growth between services.
  • Ambient noise – be aware that aquariums are not silent, there will be some degree of noise from either pumps or water movement. Keep this in mind when selecting the location for your aquarium.
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