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Why does my aquarium system need a fluid chiller?

A fairly steady water temperature is very important when maintaining either freshwater or saltwater fish, and fluid chillers may be necessary for several reasons. The water in an aquarium tends to be a few degrees higher than the ambient room temperature. If the aquarium is located in an area in which the room temperature is not strictly controlled and maintained below 78 degrees at all times, a fluid chiller will be necessary to keep the temperature of the water from climbing dangerously high. Larger aquarium systems, over 300 gallon in size, typically have to use larger mechanical pumps to circulate high volumes of water through the life support systems. These larger pumps can generate a lot of heat, which is dissipated into the water and can raise the temperature dangerously high.

Why does my aquarium system need a UV sterilizer?

Ultraviolet sterilizer units perform several important functions on an aquarium system. Water which has just passed through the mechanical and biological filtration systems should be sterilized prior to being reintroduced back into the aquarium system. This helps to ensure that pathogenic bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses do not continue to circulate throughout the aquarium system, but are actually neutralized as they pass through the UV sterilizer, protecting your fish from infection. The UV sterilizer can also eradicate waterborne algae spores before they have a chance to colonize throughout your aquarium system. Be aware that UV lamps age rapidly, and their effectiveness can diminish over the course of time. We use only high quality commercial grade sterilizers on our aquarium systems and we follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for changing out UV bulbs in our Proactive Maintenance Program to help ensure they are maintained at an optimal level of performance.

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