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Acrylic Aquarium at South Shore Dentistry in South Weymouth, MA

Aquarium Cleaning Services

Tired of lugging buckets and hoses, fighting algae, and not having time to enjoy your aquarium because you are too busy maintaining it? We offer routine professional aquarium cleaning services in eastern Massachusetts.

Finished Aquarium at Duxbury Children's Dentistry front

Interior Design Services

From synthetic full reef systems to realistic individual synthetic coral pieces, we stock a wide range of corals that can meet any decorative need and budget. We work directly with our fabricators to ensure that the end result is unmatched by our competitors. Learn more about synthetic corals and why we recommend their use in aquariums.

Twitter install - taking out the 6th floor window.

Aquarium Installation Services

Installing an aquarium is a big job. If you are planning on having us maintain your aquarium after it is installed, we have the manpower, equipment and knowledge to get your aquarium up and running in no time.

Technical specification blueprints for aquarium

Technical Design Services

Large aquariums require a lot of planning prior to installation – from making sure the weight of the aquarium is properly supported, to the flow rates of pumps and size of filtration required. Let us put our years of experience to work making sure your investment will be stable for years to come.

Life support systems under aquarium

Life Support Systems

Commercial grade equipment is the cornerstone of our life support systems and it is all we use. This helps ensure that your fish will have the most stable environment enabling them to grow and thrive.

Children's Hospital Boston Main Lobby Aquarium

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Our Web Portal is currently being developed and once it is launched it will provide us with a high degree of communication between the technicians and the office. We are really excited to see this new technology in action – read more about what the new Web Portal will provide.

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