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Individual Synthetic Corals

Why Synthetic Corals?

We encourage the use of individual synthetic corals in aquariums for many reasons.

  • Individual synthetic corals can be removed for routine cleaning.
  • Your choice of fish will be greater with synthetic corals, since many species of fish eat live corals.
  • If your fish do become sick, live corals limit the options available to treat them.
  • From an environmental standpoint using synthetic corals help preserve the naturally occurring coral reef systems which are already threatened all over the globe.
  • Live corals demand special lighting, filtration equipment, and water parameters, with no promise of successfully keeping the organisms alive.

We stock a wide range of sizes, colors and types of individual synthetic corals to help create the ideal environment for your fish. Photos of the individual synthetic corals we stock will be posted here soon. We recommend mixing in some plastic plants to help provide some soft movable cover for your fish and a more realistic appearance to your aquarium. If you are looking for a more colorful, busy environment for your fish please take a look at our synthetic reef systems.

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