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Synthetic Reef Systems

If your dream aquarium is full of color, and busy with fish darting in and out of view, then what you want is a full synthetic reef system. Synthetic reef systems are a great alternative to an aquarium with live rock and live corals for many reasons:

  • Smaller synthetic reef systems can be removed for periodic cleaning.
  • Your choice of fish will be greater with synthetic reef systems, since many species of fish eat live corals.
  • If your fish do become sick, live corals limit the options available to treat them.
  • From an environmental standpoint using synthetic reef systems help preserve the naturally occurring coral reef systems which are already threatened all over the globe.
  • Live corals demand special lighting, filtration equipment, and water parameters, with no promise of successfully keeping the organisms alive.

Our synthetic reef systems are designed and fabricated by Living Color Aquariums in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They have many colors and designs to choose from. We can help you select and design the perfect reef system for your aquarium.

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