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If you have ever cleaned your own aquarium, you know there are a lot of steps involved for proper aquarium maintenance, and if it is not done correctly, the health of the fish could be impacted. Our professionally trained technicians perform the following tasks during each routine maintenance service to help ensure the health of the fish, the proper operation of the life support equipment and overall appearance of the aquarium system.

Routine aquarium maintenance service includes:

Health check on livestock

All of the livestock are assessed for health, including appearance, weight and overall behavior within the community. Any changes in appearance or behavior can indicate a problem which may need immediate attention to prevent disease from spreading or aggressive individuals from wreaking havoc within a community.

Water quality analysis

A baseline testing of water parameters is collected at the beginning of each service to allow the technician to assess the existing water quality, which determines how much of a percentage water change should be performed as well as if the system is performing at an optimal rate for the health and longevity of the livestock. Another round of testing is performed at the conclusion of the service to ensure that the aquarium is being left with optimal water quality.

Gravel vac and water change based on water quality analysis

A percentage of the aquarium water is siphoned out of the aquarium while performing a thorough gravel vac. Removing a percentage of the water from the aquarium helps keep nitrate levels low. Vacuuming the gravel has many purposes – from removing any uneaten food particles as well as solid fish waste from the aquarium, to helping keep algae from growing on the surface of the gravel and preventing the buildup of toxic gases from the formation of dead spots due to lack of oxygenation in the gravel bed.

Cleaning and inspection of filtration system

The aquarium filtration system is integral to the overall health of your aquarium. It is not just something that removes particulate from the water. The basic operation of any filtration system also aids in oxygenating the water, keeping the temperature regulated within the entire aquarium system and circulating the aquarium water through the mechanical filter cartridges, chemical filtration media such as activated carbon and the UV sterilizer unit. A properly maintained and functioning filtration system helps ensure the overall health of your fish.

Interior decor cleaning

The entire interior of your aquarium is thoroughly cleaned at each service. The interior decor is changed out, the interior walls are wiped down to remove any algae spores and all internal plumbing is cleaned. This helps to ensure that your aquarium system always looks clean and tidy, not covered with green algae.

Food preparation

No guessing about what kind of food to purchase, or how much to feed. We determine what type of food the fish in your community prefer to eat, and calculate the amount of food they should receive at each feeding, then we prepare individually packaged food cups for each feeding. The food cups are stored in your freezer and all you have to do is pop off the top, defrost the food with a little bit of water, pour into the tank and enjoy watching your fish devour their groceries.

Complete equipment check

During a routine service your technician checks the entire aquarium system for wear and tear and proper operation. Any repairs which need to be performed or items which are malfunctioning are recorded and proper action will follow either at the following service or as an emergency service call prior to the next scheduled service if it needs immediate attention.

Proactive Equipment Maintenance Package:

In addition to Routine Maintenance, we offer a Proactive Equipment Maintenance Package to our clients, in which specific components of the life support equipment are changed out at manufacturer recommended intervals. This helps prevent problems that can arise from ineffective or failed equipment, which may result in the loss of livestock, water leaks and the additional expense of an emergency service call. Visit our Proactive Eqiupment Maintenance Package page to see a comprehensive list of the equipment which is included in this service.

24 hour Emergency Response Service

As part of our service agreement with our clients we offer 24 hour / 7 days a week Emergency Response Service. In the event of an emergency, help is literally just a phone call away!

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