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Web Portal

At Aqua Vision Tech, we take a unique approach to technology.

Our service technicians are outfitted with a mobile app that is used in the field to record all aspects of the service visit. The data collected on site by our service technicians can be accessed in real time by our clients through our client web portal. From the portal, our clients can view the technician’s service photos of the condition of the tank upon arrival, the initial water quality tests taken, the water change done on the aquarium, service of the tank filters, final water quality tests and a final completed photo of the aquarium system. They can also review any Proactive Maintenance that has been or needs to be performed. This new mobile app will allow our clients a much higher level of service and communication than ever before, and it also provides them with an archived record of when and what work was performed on their aquarium.

Through the portal, clients can give us direct feedback on our service. They can also send us requests for the next service visit: new fish to be delivered, new drygoods or interior decor, etc. Any note initiated by a technician or a customer through our portal remains an open event until the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. Only then does the office administration close the event, completing the 360° feedback loop. The data collected on site by the service technician is uploaded to our server in real time and is then analyzed continuously by our staff for quality control.

We’re pretty sure that no other aquarium service company has invested in this level of service technology. Contact us to see how we can put it to work for you.

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